The Leland Interview.

ARNOLFO HISTLER.- Who ¿??? like ARNOLFO HISTLER ¿??? Everybody will say all around the world what a hell is ARNOLFO HISTLER, never Heard of it, but the things that the destrusor will instead, when The Time comes back to the place they where belong ¡!!!

Those were the emphatic words The Arnolfo Histler Manager told us when they acepted to give us the rights to make ARNOLFO HISTLER a big interview at the rock band misterious street  house just over  Gallen Sterio Hills last week and we were treated like a famous consules and queens of  The high Monarchy gaving us fine wine and food to The old Roman empire pure style.

Walked around the house beautiful maidens meanwhile the lovely cookers and wonderful Young women responsing to all the guests, becoming the official interview on the best party I’ve ever seen making happy to my camera man, my prompter man and my boss man catching the beauty on a long open sight meanwhile I turned my head tring to have a little brake.
The big mansion was filmed from the air by an army helicopter and they recorded all the people on the ground because we were eating outside in the middle of  the back yard, but nobody putted attention on it, looked up just some very careles to keep going drinking wine and eating food.

And after having tasted the best food and wine we got home to start the long awaited interview, when a terrible popping coming from outside us immediately alarmed, as we did not dare to leave the pure fear we left to look through the Windows.
And to our surprise we saw a UFO was attacking with laser beams beginning with the yard but we knew we would still, then without thinking ran quickly to the nuclear shelter that was in the back of the mansión and already in the tunnel are a long walk it and realized that came out along the beach to the sea, was when we stopped to collect our breath to think what we would do better.

Then we find a herd of horses with unknown owners and were grazing on the grass and assemble to go to the ranch where bold was his homeowner our dear ARNOLFO HISTLER.

But that interview or anything because I wanted most in such times is to leave each to his home to try to forget what happened.
These documents found in the house but nothing else Legorio give them the start because it is a very long history and we take many years to tell in great detail.